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Solid Particle Size Reduction Equipment:

Quadro, a unit of IDEX Corporation is recognized for leadership in specialized milling and particle size reduction equipment, conical mill. Company invented conical mill called as Comil in 1976, and continues to innovate to address customers pain points and needs across industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, food and chemicals among others. Particle size is critically important parameter for process engineers in these industries as it affects everything from bioavailability to shelf stability of products. Adjustment in particle size distribution offers a great control over properties such as surface characteristics, porosity, flowability, compatibility and hygroscopicity among others. As a thumb rule, narrower the particle size distribution range, the more on-spec product is being manufactured.

The Quadro L4 Conical Mill is locally made process equipment with careful consideration of Indian customer’s expectations, to achieve uniform size reduction, sieving, and deagglomeration. This cone sieve technology offers cost saving and reliable solutions, ideal for critical as well as general purpose milling applications. Key features of Quadro mills are as follow as

  • Tightest particle side distributions in the industry from optimized component configurations
  • Improved flow through reduces heat generated during milling
  • Ensure consistent and repeatable milling results
  • Typical 10-30% more on target than other conical mills
  • Provides unmatched ability to precisely control PSD and on-spec accuracy
  • Reduces waste and/or re-work by 10-30%
  • Hole design efficiency maximized for various applications.
  • Largest screen selection in the market
  • Largest range of scalable models eliminates months spent in technology transfer work from Formulation/R&D to Market Launch
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