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Launch of Revolutionary L4 Mill from the house of Quadro

The Quadro® Comil® is the world’s leading technology for achieving uniform size reduction, sieving, and deagglomeration.  Our equipment is hard at work in applications throughout the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical, personal care and cosmetics industries.
Pioneered Conical Milling:  It all began in 1976 with the Comil®, the original conical mill.  This was a revolutionary concept at the time that has since evolved into the global processing standard.  For more than 40 years, we have been improving and refining the Quadro® cone mill, or cone sieve technology — reaffirming our leadership with every generation.
Quadro has been present in India for more than two decades, catering to critical milling applications. We offer conical sieve mill in India named L4 which caters to all local requirements and challenges in milling. Quadro milling expertise has earned them the distinction of being the most reliable milling solution provider.  Consistency, scalability, reproducibility and a simple to use machine has always been the hallmark of the Quadro brand.

Desired milling requirements of any OSD process are greater milling capacity, PSD reproducibility from batch to batch, lower milling temperatures, higher yield and easy cleanability.  These requirements are often found wanting in indigenous milling solutions.
To better understand local performance gaps in size reduction equipment, Quadro completed an extensive market survey surrounding the current milling scenario within India.  The results clearly identified that low capacity, higher fines generation, and lack of cleanability are the main deterrents customers face for general milling applications.
To address these shortfalls, Quadro has launched a New Generation of Conical Mills:  The L4 Series. The L4 Conical Mill portfolio is tailored to specifically address the milling challenges faced within the Industry.  With the L4 Series, Quadro offers an economical and reliable solution, ideal for general purpose milling applications.

Key Benefits of The New Generation L4 Series Conical Mill:

  • Higher Capacity – Improved Efficiency
  • Repeatable, Accurate & Scalable Solutions (consistent PSDs from lab to production)
  • Enhanced Safety Features

Quadro India Presence Includes:

  • State-of-the-art assembling facility at IDEX India (Vadodara) – IDEX being the Parent Company of Quadro
  • Process & Application Lab
  • Sales, Engineering  &  Service Support

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Alternatively, you can visit our website: www.idexindia.in

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