Fuel Oil Unloading-Fuel Oil Transferring Systems-India


Combining process controls and mechanical expertise from a single source, IDEX business units are leaders in providing packaged systems solutions.

Pulsafeeder Engineered Solutions incorporate the latest improvements in fluid metering and process control technology for Water Treatment, Oil and Gas, Chemical & Petrochemicals markets.

Capturing the synergy of the best of the industries along with Positive Displacement Metering Pumps with cutting edge instrumentation and Controls, Pulsafeeder completes the system integration while maintaining single-source system responsibility.

SAMPI is able to offer innovative and customized solutions in power, oil & gas & petrochemical fluid measuring and transport. SAMPI checks and manages every step like designing, assembling, testing and start-up. Each project is managed by a team of dedicated people to provide full assistance, constant follow up and customer satisfaction.

Fuel Oil Unloading & Transferring Systems

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