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Our four major brands of the pharma unit are as follows :

The Fitzpatrick Company:

Fitzpatrick is an industry leader in precision particle size reduction and dry granulation.  For over 80 years, The Fitzpatrick Company has been supplying the FitzMill and CCS range of Roll Compactors to the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food sectors.  Our roller compactors offer superior density and particle size control, transforming material into uniform granules.  Our milling equipment is recognized around the world as an industry-leading technology in particle size reduction and control.  Customers worldwide trust Fitzpatrick to provide superior equipment that is designed and engineered specifically to meet their specific application requirements.


Matcon are the original cone valve IBC manufacturers.  They specialize in supplying systems to companies who handle and process powders, granules and tablets in the Food, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical and Chemical sectors.  Matcon’s system designs use Intermediate Bulk Containers (IUBCs) to both move materials between manufacturing steps and for effective powder blending.  At the heart of it all is the Cone Valve – invented to overcome issues of mix segregation, containment and bridging that are inherent in traditional powder handling systems.  Discover Matcon’s unique approach and the innovation that underpins all they do.


Microfluidics International Corporation is a global company producing superior high shear fluid processors.  Their technology delivers unrivalled results in the creation of uniform nanoemulsions or encapsulations (liposomes).  This technology can produce repeatable uniform particle size reduction that provides liquids with a transparent appearance which is invaluable in the creation of clear water liquids.  They also offer increased bioavailability and formulation stability affording enhanced consumer safety.  The technology guarantees scale-up such that results achieved in the lab can be transferred to full-scale manufacturing.

Quadro Engineering Corp.:

Quadro originated the conical milling concept in 1976 with the Comil®.  A revolutionary concept at the time, it has since evolved into the global processing standard.  For more than 40 years, Quadro has been improving and refining the conical milling technology – reaffirming our leadership with every generation.  We offer the industry’s most extensive line of conical milling equipment for your API, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, chemical and biotechnology applications.  Quadro can help you discover the right solution for your processing application.  If your process requires milling, fine grinding, security screening or deagglomeration, as the industry leader in process and size reduction equipment, we will work with you to fulfill your specific requirements.

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