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Market Leaders in Pharmaceutical Machinery such as Milling Equipment, Roller Compactors, IBCs & Microfluidizers

If you need to purchase premium material handling equipment that’s been constructed by one of the largest applied solutions companies out there, we are here for you. With an international reach and providing a wide range of applied solutions for many different sectors, we are the provider of choice for enterprises that demand quality, innovation and value. Whether you’re looking for a well-designed tablet press machine or vale added conical mill, we can provide what you’re looking for.

Pharmaceutical Equipment That Adds Value

Our goal is to provide our customers with machinery that not only enables them to complete the operations they need to, but also to ensure enhanced efficiency, speed and accuracy. We want our customers to end up with equipment that enables them to do their jobs better, making sure that each item in our extensive inventory offers exceptional value and a good return on investment. Whether you need a roller compactor, a CNC milling machine or something else from our range, you can rely on us to offer the very best solution we can find.

Specialized Cost Saving Pharma Machinery

We operate in a global marketplace, providing high-end options for companies operating in health & science technologies, fire & safety, metering & fluids. Because we are a niche provider, we have concentrated on creating Quadro Mill and Fitzpatrick Roll compactor choices, as well as a range of other machinery, which are tailored to the needs of our customers. Investing heavily in research & development, when you purchase from us, you will be buying high-grade products that benefit from exceptional build-quality and are created to last.

One Stop Solution for your Pharma Machinery Needs

We are able to create individual solutions for our customers which enable them to achieve their objectives within budget and to a suitable time scale. If you want to work with a provider that understands the constraints of your industry and is committed to giving you the answers you need for long-term, sustainable success, it’s time to give us a call us at 1800 267 9955(toll free) or drop us a mail at info.fmt@idexcorp.com.

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