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Wet Granulation

Collecting all excipients and API into one IBC which contains the full lot to be wet granulated is the leanest methodology. Compared with drum tipping or vacuum transfer of individual components, the overall throughput of the granulation system using Matcon IBCs can be improved by an estimated 10-30%.

The Matcon Cone Valve IBCs have been proven to deal effectively with sticky materials such as Metformin without the need for operator intervention. Using Matcon IBCs enables a full granulation lot to be discharged completely and rapidly.

Choose Matcon IBC Wet Granulation for:

  • Full discharge of all powder from the IBC.
  • Automatic feeding process.
  • Quicker feed to Granulator, compared to direct dispensing.
  • Contained transfer for dust-free transfers, thereby reducing safety risks and cleaning down-time.
  • Single -floor and through-floor versions.

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