Matcon IBC Dispensing System | IDEX India


The leanest and most efficient operating method is to collect all excipients and API into one IBC, containing the full lot. This will then go on to be either wet granulated or the full batch is blended, ready for direct compression or dry granulation.

The system uses gravity for filling with in-line sieving or milling as desired. Quick changeovers are possible with easy cleaning of product contact parts or by using change-out parts that can be cleaned off-line.

Choose the Matcon IBC Dispensing system for:

  • Gain in weight dosing for larger components.
  • Intermediate mobile weigh hopper for high accuracy weighing of smaller components.
  • Interlocked solution to validate if what is dispensed is in the IBC.
  • Full range of IBC sizes to match the lot size at wet granulation or a full batch for direct compression or dry granulation.
  • Single -floor and through-floor versions.
  • Custom design to suit your facility and application.

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