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Collecting Lots – Increasing batch size

A new approach within IBC materials handling is to combine several lots from the fluid bed dryer into a single IBC. This presents a more Lean approach, delivering an efficiency of process and a reduction in operating costs. Using large IBCs means fewer are needed overall to run the process. Consequently there are fewer IBC movements, less make/break connections, reduced testing cycles and less cleaning, with the further benefit of manpower savings.

Homogenising the lots afterwards gives reassurance of product consistency. For this, the large IBCs can be mixed using a Matcon IBC blender. In the past, large IBCs have presented problems with powder flow; however the Matcon IBCs have been proven to overcome these issues, delivering a controlled, automatic discharge of material and protection against segregation.

Choose a Matcon IBC Collecting Lot for:

  • Large IBCs up to 3500L capacity.
  • Ability to handle large batches in a single IBC to create maximum flexibility.
  • Effective IBC blending.
  • Maintaining blend uniformity, with the unique Matcon Cone Valve technology.
  • Full discharge of all powder from the IBC.

Following the Fluid Bed Dryer process, it is common for the granules to pass through a cone mill, either by inverting the FBD bowl or via vacuum transfer. Within the IDEX MPT Group, we have shared expertise of dry milling with Quadro which enables us to design interfaces with the minimum of risk for the customer.

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