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Digital Control Valve

Digital Control Valve

Liquid Controls’ digital control valve is an electro-hydraulic actuated control valve. Hydraulically balanced designs ensure minimum head loss and maximum resistance to cavitations, regardless of system pressure and flow rate. Digital control valves allow precise batch control.


  • Fail safe to close
  • Low pressure loss
  • Size: 2”, 3” & 4”
  • Trim: SS304 / SS316 / Solenoid NO, NC, Limit Switch
  • End connection: 150 class / 300 class

Salient features of our LC Digital control valve are as below
The Y type globe body of the LC DCV is hydro dynamically balanced for high flow rates, minimum head loss & maximum cavitation resistance

  • Lower pressure drop and higher Cv value compared to any other valve of similar configuration
  • We have used net shape investment castings to give consistent internal geometry and minimum flow disturbance
  • Our diaphragms come right from Dupont, USA. Our moulded valve seal is made by PARCO, the number 1 company worldwide for bonded elastomers to stainless steel substrates.
  • We made all of our internal parts out of 300 series stainless steel for long life and so if service is required, that we can easily disassemble and reassemble. All of our external control elements that come in contact with the product being measured are made from stainless steel as well
  • Beyond that, our basic valve can be configured with an infinite number of control possibilities while still maintaining simple robust construction, simple servicing if ever required, and few parts that may ever need to be replaced

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