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Liquid Controls Flow Meters

IDEX Fluid & Metering Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly known as Liquid controls India Pvt Ltd) was established in 1993 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liquid Controls, USA. Liquid Controls (LC) is a unit of IDEX Corporation.

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Liquid Controls is a world renowned manufacturer of highly accurate Positive Displacement (PD) metering systems. Whether your business demands flow metering for custody transfer or process control; with an LC PD meter mounted on a diesel bowser or on an aircraft refueller or at a truck loading facility or in a process plant, you would get years of sustained, repeatable and precision measurement with zero maintenance.. Because of the ease of installation of an LC PD meter and its trouble free performance, the cost of owning & operating an LC PD Meter is relatively low. LC PD meters have a very high MTBF (Mean time between failures) and a very low MTTR (Mean time to repair).

Liquid Control Positive Displacement meters provide exceptionally accurate measurement, even under variable operating conditions (changes in temperature, pressure and viscosity). LC PD Meters are also the preferred choice of end-users because of their energy efficiency. They are packaged with traditional mechanical counters or a glandless magnetic driven pulse output device. A wide range of accessories are available to meet almost every metering need as desired from an economical volumetric measuring instrument.


  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Low maintenance, no metal-to-metal contact in measuring chamber
  • Low pressure loss, a true gravity flow meter
  • Choice of aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel materials of construction
  • Self-contained operation without electrical power or signal conditioning (for units equipped with mechanical registers, printers or presets); no special piping requirements
  • Electronic output and registration equipment where enhanced accuracy and electronic communications are needed
  • Weights and Measures approval (world-wide) for custody transfer with mechanical or electronic registration systems meeting API standards

IDEX Fluid & Metering Pvt. Ltd (IFMPL).relies on a strong combination of a professionally managed sales and engineering personnel with a network of strategically located customer support personnel, to ensure that our customers are supported with technology, tailored to each industry’s particular requirements. Its architecture complements the spirit of teamwork and openness that our associates practice each day in our continuing commitment to serve our customers to the very best of our abilities.

IFMPL has a state-of-the-art calibration lab where we test our equipments traceable to the applicable measurement standards conforming to the statutory norms prior to dispatch.

IFMPL has been approved by reputed third party inspection agencies such as EIL, SGS, LRIS, PDIL,, DNV, FEDO etc. IFMPL have also been certified under ISO 9001 by DNV.

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