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  • Importance of Internal Gear Pumps

    Viking Pump, which was established in 1905, is the pioneer of the ‘internal gear pump’ technology. The innovative design of these pumps, which has been tried and tested in various applications, has always delivered promising results. The success of this new technology has revolutionized the industry and has changed the thinking of entrepreneurs and businessmen. In this article, we will see how the internal gear pump can do wonders with its technology.

    Pumps are broadly classified into Kinematic and PD types. The internal gear pump is a sub-category of Rotary PD type pump.

    Working of Viking Internal Gear Pump

    In the Viking internal gear pump, there are two gears – a drive gear called rotor and a driven gear called idler. The idler gear fits within the rotor and rotates along with it. The rotor is attached to the shaft which is coupled with a driver (generally an electric motor) that drives the pump. The gears un-mesh at the suction side of the pump and create a vacuum, pulling the liquid into the pump. This liquid is carried to the discharge port. At the discharge port, the gears come into the mesh, causing a high pressure and discharge of the liquid.

    Internal gear pump

    The crucial aspect here is that the pump does not develop any pressure in the entire process. It overcomes the back pressure acting on it and positively transfers the liquid from one end to another. The amount of back pressure that it can work against is directly proportional to the power it gets from the driver.

    internal gear pump Working

    These pumps can be used under challenging conditions like:

    • Highly viscous applications(>200 cps) – polymer, latex, resins
    • Suction lift conditions –underground tank suction
    • Poor NPSH conditions – vacuum suction
    • High pressure applications – pipeline sampling
    • Shear sensitive liquids – latex, emulsion
    • Constant flow requirements with varying heads
    Its applications include:
    • Specialty chemicals – ink, paint, dyes, pigments, soaps and surfactants, rubber
    • Polymers
    • Petrochemical
    • Oil and gas
    • Food- chocolate, molasses, vegetable oil, sugar syrup
    • Lubrication
    Unique features of our pumps:
    • Easy seal servicing/replacement
    • Quick end clearance adjustment
    • Revolving casing
    • Integral jackets and ports
    • Innumerable material options
    • API 676 compliance
    • Several sealing options – packing, single seal, double seal, lip seal, etc.

    Internal gear pump

    Case study:

    One of our customers was using a local lobe pump for a chocolate application. They were facing frequent jamming of the pump due to caramelization between idler pin and bushing. This was also taking place behind the rotors. We studied their entire process and analyzed the requirements. We then replaced their pump with Viking gear pump with special features like extra drilled idler, suckback groove, etc.This solved their problem altogether, making the customer extremely happy. They have now switched to Viking pumps for all their future projects!

    Please contact us for your requirements and we will make sure the most appropriate pump is installed at your site for efficient and accurate implementation.