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Lifting bags

Emergency professionals count on our high-pressure bags to handle high-pressure situations. Developed with next-generation technology, Vetter has thought of everything you need to get the job done safely and quickly: reflective markings, intelligent surface profiles, unbelievably small insertion heights and up to almost 100 tons of lifting power.

Aircraft Lifting Bags

  • Allows rapid action on site
  • Decades of experience and confidence
  • Individually tested (with inspection seal)
  • 1 bar technology – the innovation

C-Tec Connectable Bags (10bar/145 psi)

  • High level of stability with lift heights up to 2.1m (82 inches).
  • Up to three bags can be used on top of each other.
  • Tool-free connection technology.
  • Constant final lifting power.

S.Tec lifting bags (12 bar / 174 psi)

  • This new generation lifting bags with 12bar lifting power can be used in any rescue operation. Can lift up to 102 tonnes.
  • These bags can fit into the smallest of gaps with an insertion height of 0.98 inches.
  • The intelligent profile makes it easy to stack two bags one on top of the other.

Lifting bags (1 bar / 14.5 psi)

  • Our classic lifting bags which can be used for versatile operations.
  • Lifting height up to 43 inches.
  • 40% increase in side safety.
  • Anti slip dimples provided for firm hold.
  • Uniform pressure distribution to prevent damage to thin walled structures.

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