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StrongArm E100

Lightweight in hand and efficient in operation

  • It is charged with lithium ion battery with charge level indicator and is heat-resistant to +120° C.
  • Provided with universal fitting rail for lighting, etc.
  • Due to heat-resistant casing, full performance at up to +120° C.
  • Competent Star grip for user-friendly operations.
  • Efficient 360° rotating handle provided for optimum hold in 4 positions.
  • Easy to change attachments are accessed with the help of large locking knobs.
  • Provided with Protection class IP 54.
  • It cuts steel bars with thickness up to 22 mm and chains up to 10 mm.
  • Lock breaking made easier.
  • Efficient in lifting and moving obstacles weighing up to 4 t.
  • It opens building doors in the event of fire for safety.
  • Works efficiently in pushing away and lifting metal parts
  • Component in breaking open doors and bending metal parts
  • Also opens vehicle doors.
  • It is perfect for operations with SCBA.
Technical Data
Cutting force up to 155 kN
Steel bars up to1) 22,2 mm
Blade opening with combi tips 207 mm
Spreading force 28 – 700 kN
Spreading distance with door opener tips 184 mm
Spreading distance with combi tips 215 mm
Dimensions with combi tips2) 796 x 195 x 210 mm
Weight3) 9.8 kg
Battery Weight 1.3 kg
NFPA- Classes A5 / B3 / C5 / D6 / E6

1) in accordance with EN 13204, NFPA 1936
2) l x w x h
3) without battery and tips

StrongArm E100

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