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Combination tools

SC 250 M

SC 250 M is the combination tool used with integrated manually operated pump.

  • Since the unit rotates by 360°, it is always in the ideal working position.
  • It is independent of external power sources.
  • Since it is handy and lightweight, it fits in every car and even on motorcycles.
  • Due to the automatic switch-over from low pressure to high pressure mode, low leverage force required for the integrated hand pump is supported.
  • Maximum differential pressure: upto 8.6 barg
  • One unit can be cut and spread without the need to reconfigure by removing/adding parts.
  • It takes in charge of rescue work for traffic accidents.
  • Rescue work inside buildings are also managed.
  • Dynamic in civil protection.
  • It can work on turntable ladders and on rough terrains.
  • Works efficiently in pushing away and lifting metal parts.
  • Component in breaking open doors and bending metal parts.
  • Helps in pushing away and lifting obstructions.
  • Cutting of metal constructions, vehicle parts, pipes and sheet steel made easy.
Technical Details:
Cutting force up to 261 kN
Round steel up to ø 1) 26 mm
Spreading force up to 405 kN
Dimensions 2) 850 x 190 x 158 mm
Weight 11.9 kg
NFPA- Classes A6 / B6 / C6 / D7 / E7

1) according to EN 13204, NFPA 1936
2) L × W × H

SC 357

The lightweight and compact combination tool

  • Cutting force is up to 387 kN and spreading distance 365 mm.
  • Efficient in faster cutting and spreading without tool change.
  • Pulling is possible with the quick-fit chain set.
  • With a very low amount of oil required, it is ideal for mobile motor pumps.
  • It’s intelligent star grip control lends in working intuitively and safely.
  • Impressive brief opening and closing times for quick rescues.
  • Due to lightweight and well-balanced design, it is less tiring.


  • Initial rescue measures taken, for e.g. Instant primary access to injured persons.
  • Rescue work inside buildings managed well.
  • Dynamic in civil protection
  • It takes in charge of rescue work for traffic accidents


Technical Details:
Cutting force up to 387 kN
Round steel up to ø * 1) 32 mm
Spreading force 38 – 780 kN
Spreading distance 365 mm
Pulling force up to 49 kN
Pulling distance 380 mm
Oil requirement 73.5 cm³
Dimensions 2) 777 x 220 x 170 mm
Weight 14.8 kg
NFPA- Classes A7/ B7/ C7/ D7/ E7
EN- Class CK 38/ 365 H- 15

1) according to EN 13204, NFPA 1936
2) L × W × H

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