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Powering & Controlling

Hydraulic power units

  • Compact power sources to supply the power you need for all equipment in the unique LUKAS rerailing system.
  • Operating pressure 530 bar / 53 MPa up to 4 hydraulic cylinders can be simultaneously supplied with identical oil flow

Technical Data

Flow capacity, low pressure 2 x 3.1 l/min
Flow capacity, high pressure 2 x 0.9 l/min
Useable oil quantity 23 l
Motor 4-stroke gasol.
Motor output 4.2 kW
length, approx 537 mm
width, approx 451 mm
height, approx 600 mm
Weight (incl. hydraulic oil) 80 kg
Optional without electric starter 74 kg

Vario set

  • The system for rail-road vehicles enable you to respond to various accidents fast and flexibly.
  • The pump is mounted on the vehicle’s frontal power take-off with a swivelling control desk on the vehicle front.

Technical Data

Two-stage pump with: low pressure circuit and high pressure circuit
Output rate LP pro 100 min-1: 0,19 l/min
Output rate HP pro 100 min-1 0,08 l/min
Max. permissible speed: 2850 min-1
Output rate LP at max. permissible speed: 5,3 l/min
Output rate LP at max. permissible speed: 2,3 l/min
Oil tank usable volume: 36 l
Weight (without oil): ca. 56 kg

CU Control desk

  • Carry out rerailing operations precisely and easily from one place without having to enter the danger area.
  • Synchronized lifting of the load without unwanted counter movements

Technical Data

Valves for lifting/lowering 2 pcs
Traversing with DUO traversing unit 1 pcs
Length 1030 mm
Width 640 mm
Height 1112 mm
Weight 43.5 kg

High-performance hand pumps

  • The robust, two-stage hand pumps are ready at any time in case of an emergency.
  • They can be used to lift or traverse the load with one or two compact traversing units.

Technical Data

Oil output rate: low pressure 10,8 cm³
Oil output rate: high pressure 4,2 cm³
Capacity of oil reservoir 10,5 l
Usable quantity 8 1
Length 940 mm
Width 260 mm
Height 182 mm
Weight 21 kg

Hydraulic hoses

  • All-purpose hose type that you can use to easily connect the power unit with the various components of the system.
  • Non-interchangeable safety couplings Available in lengths of 10 m and 20 m.

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