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IDEX is a principal global manufacturer of leading engineered industrial products & technology that provides solutions to mission-critical problems for our customers.

IDEX Fire & Safety offers a comprehensive range of superior firefighting, rescue equipment in India. The Fire and Safety business segment at IDEX consists of a wide range of high-value, niche products that are in great demand, serving geographically diverse, end market customers. Our wide array of rescue tools and firefighting equipment is specially designed to address your Firefighting & Emergency needs. this includes Firefighting Nozzles, Monitors, rescue tools (like cutter, spreader, RAM etc), firefighting Pumps (portable and vehicle mounted), Pneumatic lifting bags, Hydraulic Jacks etc.

LUKAS is involved in innovating some of the top functional industry-leading systems for life-saving Rescue Operations for any situation from rescuing road crash accident to rescuing casualty trapped in fire situation. world-class performance, since 1948. LUKAS has been able to create benchmarks with the lightest weight and easy to operate rescue tools across the world. The concept of the ‘Golden Hour’ is coined from the term that trauma victims will have the optimum chance of survival if they are rescued through the most effective rescue tools and that they receive decisive medical intervention within the initial hour of suffering their injury. LUKAS develops and manufactures superior products that show their true strength on the job. LUKAS rescue tools are of world class quality and are known to work the best under critical conditions where every second counts

IDEX India caters to a global marketplace and with specialized needs in industrial firefighting equipment, and we are the obvious choice for a growing number of industrial enterprises that expect reliable, versatile and effective advance firefighting technology. At IDEX India, we understand rescue and offer products with thought through features that help you to rescue more quickly, safely and reliably.

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Product Portfolio:


Superior hydraulic and Battery Operated rescue tools to help you handle any emergency.




LUKAS develops and produces rerailing systems that are perfected in every detail to enable you to re rail as quickly and safely as possible.



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