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AWG Fittings is one of the leaders in manufacturing of firefighting equipments and rescue equipment which are supplied to Fire Brigades, Industries etc. across the world. With years of experience in designing high performance firefighting products and rescue equipments AWG is equipped to handle any needs in Firefighting industry. All of our products are made in the State of the Art production facility of international standards in Giengen & Ballendorf sites which involves rigorous testing of these products to bring only the best products to the market.

Our Products in Fire Fighting like Nozzles and Monitors are made through close association with the firefighters to understand their needs and requirements while using the equipments which help us in making products which are easy to operate in any condition takes the least time to bring fire under control. Alco’s stationary & mobile monitors have been used in large scale firefighting since 1871 and provide extinguishing, cleaning & cooling systems with designs suited to customizations for individual requirements.

With over 35 years of experience our Lancier Rescue Systems has been the pioneers in rescue equipments, providing the most reliable hydraulic recue equipments for the most inaccessible conditions. For designing of these equipments various practices in emergency rescue systems are studies to come up with products which are ideal for any rescue situation.

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