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  • Aviation show 2016 – LUKAS and Vetter

    IDEX India was part of the 5th Edition of India Aviation 2016 from 16th – 20th March, 2016 at Hyderabad, India. We showcased our brands under rescue portfolio – LUKAS and Vetter, at the show.

    India has been witnessing a steady growth in air traffic. There is a lot of modernization and many airports are being developed with state-of-the-art facilities. As the passenger traffic increases, the need for safety also increases. We, at LUKAS and Vetter are working closely with civil aviation authorities to safeguard the life of passengers with our emergency rescue equipments. More than 300 people visited us at our stall and our innovative products generated a lot of interest at the exhibition. We also received a lot of attention for our Indian made tools and equipments.

    internal gear pump Working

    Aircraft recovery is a challenge as one needs special equipment and expertise to prevent damaging the structures further and minimize losses. Vetter, one of the business units with IDEX Corporation, has been manufacturing emergency pneumatics designed by taking in valuable inputs from rescue teams around the world, to perfect the design and deliver world’s best pneumatic equipment. Our easy to use aircraft lifting bags can be used for quick and safe recovery.

    LUKAS, another business unit of IDEX from Germany manufactures hydraulic rescue tools to facilitate optimal rescue operations. These tools can help extricate people trapped in an accident and can help rescue them. With new technical developments and further refinements such as the revolutionary eDRAULIC technology, we make rescue operations faster and safer. We have also started indigenous manufacturing of some of these tools at our Vadodara facility as part of our ‘Make in India’ initiative.

    internal gear pump Working

    We are working with various rescue teams around India to help address their rescue requirements. One of our first steps was to locally manufacture our products and this has turned out to be very helpful for our customers. With regard to this, Manoj Shenoy, Business line director of Rescue India quoted, “In addition to cutting down the steep customs duty charges, we have been able to reduce the delivery time involved in importing parts for the product.”

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