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Side Channel Pumps

Corken’s side channel pump is a unique self-priming pumping technology. The design of a side-channel pump is similar to a regenerative turbine pump in that the impeller makes regenerative passes through the liquid.

  • MultiStage, Regenerative turbine type Pumps, offered in six different sizes, each ranging from one to eight stages
  • Allows for the transfer of liquid-gas mixtures with up to 50% vapor
  • Floating Impeller with no metal to metal contact, Improved NPSH capabilities
  • Exceptional perofrmance in light liquid and liquefied gas transfer
  • ANSI Flanged End Connections
  • Maximum differential head of 1,150 ft (350 m).
  • Capacities ranging from 1gpm to 185 GPM (3.8–700 LPM).
  • Maximum discharge pressures up to 580 psig (40 barg).

Side Channel Pumps – LPG & Industrial Applications

  • The multi-stage configuration enables the side channel pump to reach higher than normal differential pressures.
  • The feature makes it a great fit for high different applications like propane carousel cylinder filling station, aerosol filling stations, vaporizer feed, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) applications.
  • Suitable for liquefied gases like ammonia, pentane, propane, propylene, propylene oxide, refrigerants, vinyl toluene, and liquids with low vapour pressures like gasoline, glycol, methanol, mineral spirits, naphtha, water, soda ash, solvents, and many more.
  • Available with ANSI flange connections only.
CORKEN Side Channel Pump

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