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CORKEN: Serving Critical Application Needs

Industrial compressors are indispensable part of process industry where manufacturers are highly rely on compressors for handling of various gases in complete supply chain. CORKEN offers oil-free reciprocating compressors to handle flammable, toxic and volatile fluids which include gases like LPG, Propylene, Ethylene, Butadiene, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Hydrogen and Refrigerant among others. CORKEN offers highly engineered product with design customization and required accessories.

CORKEN is well known worldwide for its high quality products and excellent customer service support. In India, CORKEN serving numerous customers from industries like petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, power, LPG terminals and steel. Customers are using CORKEN reciprocating customers for wide range of applications which includes tank car unloading, liquid transfer, vapor recovery, boosting and gas blanketing. CORKEN is notable for handling toxic & flammable gases and helping Indian customers catering their critical applications needs.


Case Studies – India




Specialty Chemicals (Phosgene Manufacture)

  • Leakage of Carbon Monoxide During Operation

CORKEN T-Style Compress

  • Achieved 84% reduction in leakage compare against previously used compressor make

Specialty Chemicals (Amines Manufacturer)

  • High Tank Unloading Time for Ammonia
  • High Power Consumption

CORKEN Single Acting Compressor
  • Achieved 30% reduction in unloading time
  • Reduction in Power Consumption

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