IDEX India

The facility incorporates a highly effective, team-oriented environment that integrates design, engineering, manufacturing, administration, and the industry’s latest technology. It provides a shared manufacturing platform for all IDEX Business Units to carry-out production.

At IDEX India factory, we focus on designing, developing and delivering local products to the local markets based on the local customer requirements and market demands.

Idex India Map

Our front-end sales and marketing team is a group of highly qualified, globally networked professionals working passionately from different places of the country, closely associated with our channel partners and counterparts across the world, and very easily accessible, locally. Our sales people are just a call away!

About India

  • 1000+ customer base within various industry segments
    • Oil & Gas (Exploration & Production,
      Refinery, Petrochemical)
    • Chemical (Basics, Specialty, Adhesives,
      Paints, Inks & Coatings)
    • Hygiene (Personal Care,
      Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages)
    • Power / Water & Wastewater
    • General Industry
      (Ceramics, Metals)
  • 14 Distributors across India
  • Sales/Marketing and Customer support
    • 30 dedicated sales and marketing personnel
    • Application Engineering Support:
      Pre-sales and After-sales