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Fluid & Metering Technologies

Our fluid and metering technologies feature complex and accurately designed products like Pumps, valves and meters. These products help in the processing, measurement and distribution of solids, liquids and gases. Our core capability lies in supporting process industries such as chemical processing, and oil, gas & water treatment. We work across five continents, ensuring development of right applied solutions as per each customer’s specifications.

Health & Science Technologies

Health and science technologies serve the life sciences, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, analytical instrumentation, clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, medical, dental, optical components, scientific research, defence, aerospace, telecommunications, beverage, food processing and electronics manufacturing industries. We provide precise components and integrated solutions to our customers and deliver consistent results, thus, encouraging innovation across our markets.

Fire & Safety / Diversified

The Fire and Safety / Diversified Products business segment at IDEX consists of a broad range of high-value, niche products that are in great demand, serving geographically diverse end market customers. Our wide array of tools and equipment is specially designed to address your emergency rescue operations like Hydraulic Rescue Tools (Jaws of Life), Hydraulic Re-railing Equipment, Pneumatic Lifting Bags for disaster recover, Lifting Bags for aircraft recovery and Emergency Shoring Equipment. Our highly engineered stainless steel banding and clamping devices are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The precision equipment for dispensing and mixing colorants and paints is used in a variety of retail and commercial businesses around the world.