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Introduction to Microfluidics:

Since the 1980’s, Microfluidizer technology has been adopted by diverse industries such as Pharma, Biotech and Cosmetics etc. to provide targeted size reduction, superior particle distribution profiles and guaranteed lab-to-production scale performance.

At the heart of our success — and yours — is our unique fixed-geometry interaction chamber. Only Microfluidizer® homogenizers feature this crucial component, which ensures that every milliliter of your product experiences virtually identical, intense shear forces under extreme, user-controlled pressure. This allows you to achieve tightly controlled, highly predictable homogenization results.

In 2011, Microfluidics becomes a part of IDEX Corporation & got the leverage of IDEX global Sales & service network. India is one of our key market & with a high focus on Pharma & Biotech market, we continue to grow our presence & services in the Indian market.

Product Portfolio: